Easy Synthesis of Tunable Hybrid Bioactive Hydrogels

Easy Synthesis of Tunable Hybrid Bioactive Hydrogels

Chemistry of Materials 28, 1261–1265 (2016)

Echalier, C., Pinese, C., Garric, X., Van Den Berghe, H., Jumas Bilak, E., Martinez, J., Mehdi, A. & Subra, G.


This work presented an easy and original method to prepare PEG-based hydrogels by the sol − gel process at physiological temperature and pH. We demonstrated through two examples that bioactive peptides can be covalently incorporated into gels and can confer their biological properties to the gels. Such gels could find applications in tissue engineering or in controlling postsurgical adhesions. In addition, this one-pot method to prepare biocompatible and bioactive hydrogels is highly adaptable. Indeed, gel properties can be finely tuned by mixing different building blocks to address a specific need for healthcare.