Molecules 2022, 27(13), 4154 Karima Belabbes, Coline Pinese *, Christopher Yusef Leon-Valdivieso, Audrey Bethry, Xavier Garric ABSTRACT PLA nanofibers are of great interest in tissue engineering due to their biocompatibility and morphology; moreover, their physical properties can be tailored for long-lasting applications. One of the

Materials Science and Engineering: C Volume 129, October 2021, 112339 Louis Gangolphe, Christopher Y.Leon Valdivieso, Benjamin Nottelet, Stéphane Déjean, Audrey Bethry, Coline Pinese, Frédéric Bossard and Xavier Garric   Electrospun scaffolds combine suitable structural characteristics that make them strong candidates for their use in tissue

  Eur. Pol. J. 139, 109990 (2020) L.V. Arsenie, C. Pinese, A. Bethry, L. Valot, P. Verdie, B. Nottelet, G. Subra, V. Darcos, X. Garric ABSTRACT Abstract Poly(lactide) (PLA) is a widely used biomaterial in many biomedical applications. However, it is inert and therefore lacks bioactivity,

European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 152, 175–182 (2020). Minh-Quan Le, Jean-Christophe Gimel, Xavier Garric, Thao-Quyen Nguyen-Pham, Cédric Paniagua, Jérémie Riou, Marie-Claire Venier-Julienne,   ABSTRACT Releasing a protein according to a zero-order profile without protein denaturation during the polymeric microparticle degradation process is very challenging. The

Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology (2020) Stéphanie Huberlant, Salomé Leprince, Lucie Allegre, Sophie Warembourg, Isabelle Leteuff, Hubert Taillades, Xavier Garric., Renaud de Tayrac, Vincent Letouzey. ABSTRACT To study the safety of a degradable polymeric film (DPF) and its efficacy on reducing the risk of intrauterine-adhesion