Turning peptides in comb silicone polymers

Turning peptides in comb silicone polymers

J. Pept. Sci. 21, 243–247 (2015)

Jebors, S., Pinese, C., Nottelet, B., Parra, K., Amblard, M., Mehdi, A., Martinez, J. & Subra, G



We have recently reported on a new class of silicone-peptide biopolymers obtained by polymerization of di-functionalized chlorodimethylsilyl hybrid peptides. Herein we describe a related strategy based on dichloromethylsilane-derived peptides, which yields novel polymers with a polysiloxane backbone, comparable to a silicone bearing pendent peptide chains. Interestingly, polymerization is chemoselective towards amino acids side-chains, proceeds in a single step in very mild conditions (neutral pH, water, room temperature). As potential application, a cationic sequence was polymerized and used an antibacterial coating.