PhD position opens 2021



Description: Arthrocart Biotech is a start-up based in Marseille, France, created in November 2019, specialized in regenerative surgery of severe knee osteoarthritis, cartilage repair using a resorbable, biocompatible, colonizable meniscal implant with high biomechanical resistance. It exploits a patent for a biodegradable composite meniscal implant, Collafit®, consisting of several polyurethanes incorporating recombinant human type 1 and 2 collagen made by tobacco leaf cells. This company wants to develop its activity through an innovative bioresorbable polyurethane project.


Mission: Within the framework of this project, a two-part thesis work is proposed. The first part of the thesis will consist in elaborating a bioresorbable formulation of porous polyurethanes, able to integrate collagen and to optimize formulations. The second part will consist in synthesizing new isocyanate-free bioresorbable polyurethane composites, studying their polymerization and the properties of the polymers obtained by various structural and physico-chemical characterization techniques. The evaluation of the biocompatibility of all the proposed polyurethane composites will be carried out by the candidate.


Profile : The candidate should have a master’s degree or equivalent in polymer chemistry and a strong interest in biomaterials and innovation. Experience in the field of biomaterials and their viscoelastic characterization will be a plus.


Practical information : 

Duration : 36 months

Start : january 2021

Where : Montpellier, France, in the team  Ingénierie et Architectures Macromoléculaires of ICGM and  Département des Polymères pour la Santé et les Biomatériaux of IBMM



Application deadline : September 20th 2020

CV, marks of master degree, cover letter and reference letter(s) should be provided and sent to

Dr Ghislain David –

Prof Benjamin Nottelet –

Dr Sylvain Caillol –