Industrial PhD position : Synthesis of bioresorbable polyurethane composites for use in orthopaedic surgery

Industrial PhD Position opened fall 2024

 “Synthesis of bioresorbable polyurethane composites for application in orthopaedic surgery”

Description : Arthrocart Biotech is a start-up based in Marseille, France, created in November 2019, specialized in regenerative surgery for severe osteoarthritis of the knee and cartilage repair from a resorbable, biocompatible, colonizable, and high biomechanical resistance meniscal implant. It exploits a patent for a biodegradable composite meniscal implant, Collafit®, made of poly(ester-urethane) incorporating recombinant human type 1 and 2 collagen. This company has developed its first laboratory-scale meniscus implant.

Mission : Within the framework of this project, a two-part thesis work is proposed. The first part of the thesis will consist in developing different techniques that will aim at the industrialization of the implant in order to move towards preclinical and clinical studies. The second part will be to work on the bio-based aspects of the matrix. The candidate’s work will also focus on the synthesis of novel bioresorbable, isocyanate-free polyurethane composites in order to study their polymerization and properties by various structural and physicochemical characterization techniques. In vitro studies will also be carried out by the applicant: evaluation of biocompatibility, cell proliferation, quantification of expressed genes, as well as the development of a representative in vitro  model.

Duration: 36 months

Location: Montpellier, France, within the Engineering and Macromolecular Architectures Team  of the Charles Gerhardt Institute of Montpellier and the Department of Polymers for Health and Biomaterials of the Max Mousseron Institute of Biomolecules.

Application deadline: 10th of May 2024

Profile: The candidate must have a master’s degree or equivalent in polymer chemistry and a strong interest in biomaterials and innovation. Experience in the field of biomaterials and their viscoelastic characterizations will be a plus. Good command of English reading and writing. Be autonomous and dynamic, proactive and be persevering.

Applications : A CV, a dated and signed cover letter as well as transcripts of L3, M1 and M2 (or all years of the equivalent course, e.g. an engineering degree) with ranking, should be sent to:

Prof Benjamin Nottelet –

Dr Sylvain Caillol –

Gaëlle Savin –

Type of contract : Doctoral contract for 3 years within the framework of an industrial PhD CIFRE (ANRT)

Start of the thesis October/November 2024