Flux Polymers develops antibacterial coatings for plastics based on a technology developed at PHBM by Benjamin Nottelet and Anita Luxenhofer and patented with SATT AxLR

Bacterial infection is a leading cause of therapeutic failure for medical devices. To overcome this Benjamin Nottelet and Anita Luxenhofer developped few years ago a technology allowing for the direct anchoring of antibacterial polymers on most polymeric surfaces. This work, initially funded by the University of Montpellier and Campus France led to two publications ( ; and was patented by SATT Axlr (WO2017220804A1). Today this technology has found its way thanks to a strong determination from the company Flux Polymers that received seed funding from the family office Förster & Franke consulted Investors! Congratulations
Flux Polymers produces a hydrophilic polymer that can be spray or dip coated onto plastic surfaces and permanently linked by UV-light. The patented coating prevents the attachment and growth of bacteria. The antibacterial effect of the coating is purely based on a physical effect, so that no toxic substances are released that could cause resistance in bacteria. The process is fast, cost efficient and not detrimental to the used material.